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Customizable Professional

In the past, you were forced to choose between an off the shelf e-learning platform/LMS, developing and maintaining your own, or maintaining and customizing an open source product. 

Why not have the best of both worlds? 

We offer a fully developed platform that we will customize to meet your unique processes and identity. We offer a variety of cost effective partnership options to suit your size, budget, and situation.


We offer consulting services around the implementation and customization of our platform, or separately for other technology leadership, project management, training and e-learning, customer support, product and pricing strategies and more. 

We have experience consulting for private equity companies in a variety of roles, and understand the needs of companies in transition and issues related to aquisition and integration of organizations and the systems that they use.

Content Development

With all our experience building a customized learning platform and associated instructional design and content creation for our clients, we have the ability to adapt to any new subject area, work with subject matter experts, and create cost effective great looking content.

All our expertise can be used in major technology change and e-learning projects, or they can be used separately to meet the needs of your organization.

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