Customizable Learning Platform

A Solution Built To Meet Your Needs
The Problem

Platforms have a fixed user experience. You are forced to settle for a system that is not exactly what you want. 

Providers are reluctant to make changes for individual clients and the ability to adapt look and feel is limited. 

Rather than providing custom reports, they provide report engines, or allow you to export data requiring you to import and analyze the data in another system. 

Some providers customize within tight constraints, but the limited customizations are very expensive and take too long. 

A platform that does not meet your exact needs results in time consuming work arounds and ineffecient processes to fill in the gaps.

The Solution
A Fully Customizable Platform

We provide a platform that meets your unique needs and processes so that you can deliver your products and services the way you want and increase organizational efficiency. 

We think that a platform should save you time, not create extra work.
You should be able to shape the user experience. Precise reports, tracking, and dashboards should be part of your core system.
Reports, dashboards, and processes should be available at the touch of a button. Your platform should look the way you want it to look to match your brand and client expectations. 

Additonally, the platform will need to interact with other systems. We will build the interfaces. 

In reality, most of what you need is already in the platform. Whatever else you need will be added or modified according to an agreed cost effective development program. Our goal is for overall cost to be very close to other platforms.

Core Principles
  • Simple and easy navigation

  • Fast content creation

  • Fast assessment and grading

  • Simplified communication tools

  • Flexible course calendar

  • Automations and easy buttons

  • Patent pending innovations in assessment technology

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